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Guitar Tonewood and Wood Supplies for Luthiers and Crafts

Browse our selection of guitar and instrument tonewoods. We carry a variety of tonewood and craft wood including Acoustic Guitar Back & Sides, Guitar Fingberboards, Guitar Neck Blanks, Electric Guitar Tops and Craft Wood for Wood Turning and Carving. Quantity discounts are available, contact us for details.

Marblewood Fingerboards
Pau Ferro Fingerboards
Granadillo Fingerboards
Snakewood Fingerboards
Granadillo Bridge Blanks
Pau Ferro Bridge Blanks
Pau Ferro Back & Sides
Flame Maple Guitar Tops
Pau Ferro Guitar Tops
Craft Wood
Neck Blanks
Spalt Maple Guitar Tops

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Pau Ferro Back & Sides

Electric Guitar Tops