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Northstar Tonewoods

GlobalLy Sourced | Ethically Harvested


We operate mills out of 3 countries. This allows us to maintain complete control of all species we offer – from sourcing to sales.
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We offer a large selection of exotic wood species including Marble Wood, Snakewood, Pau Ferro, Granadillo, Bocote and more!
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FSC Certified

Northstar Tonewoods is FSC certified and follows responsible forestry practices, accredited by SCS Global Services.
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Brands we supply

Pau Ferro

Machaerium scleroxylon

Pau Ferro; being so similar in appearance and working properties to Rosewood; has been used in various capacities as a substitute for the endangered Brazilian Rosewood for decades.

We carry a variety of Pau Ferro Fingerboards, Guitar Back / Sides, Guitar Tops and more.


Acer macrophyllum

Quilted Maple, Spalt Maple, Burl Maple and Flame Maple. We supply over 15,000 BF of Curly Maple Tonewoods each month for the global Musical Instrument community.


Brosimum guianense

Snakewood is so called for its characteristic snakeskin patterns stands out as one of the most aesthetically unique exotic woods in the world. Snakewood is typically a reddish brown, with contrasting darker brown or black patches. Color tends to darken and homogenize with age and exposure.


Veneer has a wide range of uses such as paneling, furniture, flooring, architecture, art and much more. We carry an exceptional collection of Veneer in a wide variety of exotic species. The patterns and colors will make any project unique.

About us

Northstar is a Canadian company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in offering Canadian and South American Logs, Lumber, Veneer, and Musical parts.

As a Proud member of FSC, our values for ethical harvesting and legal supply is monumentally important; as such, in keeping in line with our company values; we operate mills out of 3 countries. This allows us to maintain complete control of all species we offer – from sourcing to sales.

Our mills are located in Vancouver, Canada; Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Paramaribo, Suriname. Each mill offers specific advantages on the products we offer.

At Northstar, we are committed to meeting the highest standards for sustainable supply chain and management. We hope our dedication resonates through all aspects of our operation. Our commitment to our clients and deadlines is our top priority. We look forward to working with you on your next project.